ETAI) English Teachers' Association in Israel)

ETAI-English Teachers' Association in Israel

ETAI (English Teachers' Association in Israel) contributes to the creation of a professional English teachers' community, whose members provide support for each other and practical teaching ideas through study days and conferences.

The main driving force behind all the organization's activities is to encourage teachers to seek the appropriate avenues to keep up-to-date with the latest research in the field, materials, methodologies, and technology, which are essential for their lives as English language teachers.

In an effort to reach out to future English teachers, ETAI has initiated this student conference in the South hosted by the English Department of Achva Academic College of Education in conjunction with Givat Washington College. Students of both colleges will assume an active role in the planning and the presentation stages of the conference.   


הארגון הארצי של המורים לאנגלית בישראל (ETAI) מציב לו כמטרה יצירת קהילה לומדת של מורים לאנגלית, לשם תמיכה הדדית וחשיפה למחקרים, חומרים, שיטות הוראה ואמצעים טכנולוגיים חדישים ומעודכנים במפגשים של ימי עיון וכנסים.

במטרה לעודד מורים לעתיד לקחת חלק כחברים בארגון, יוזם הארגון את הכנס הנוכחי, הוא כנס סטודנטים במכללת אחוה בשיתוף עם מכללת גבעת וושינגטון. כנס זה יאפשר לסטודנטים לקחת חלק פעיל הן בארגונו והן בעריכת מצגות שיוצגו בו.


כנס מורים לאנגלית

זמן ומקום:
20/01/2013 09:00 חדר 524

תכנית ולוחות זמנים


Registrationand sign-up for sessions




Prof. Alean Alkranawi,President of Achva College

Dr. Raisa Guberman, Head of Achva Teachers College

Dr. Melodie Rosenfeld,Achva College English Department Head

Dr. Miri Baum,Givat Washington College English Department Head

Irena Tuchin,Achva College, Student Presentations Organizer

Michele Ben,ETAI Chair


Plenary lecture


"Creativity in the Classroom – the how and the why"

Micaela Ziv – A former teacher, coordinator and counsellor, Micaela is now an independent pedagogical consultant


Building 6


Coffee break and book exhibit 


Session A - Student presentations (Rooms #614, 620, 621, 623, 624, 625)


Lunch break and book exhibit


Session B - Invited presentations: 

"Add Some Drama to Your Teaching – why and how" (Room 623)

Mitzi Geffen, Makif Amit, Beer Sheva


"Working with Words" (Room 624)

Amanda Caplan, De Shalit Aleph, Rehovot


"'Whatif' kids loved poetry? - Shel Silverstein in the Classroom" (Room 625)

Michele Ben,Ginsburg HaOren, Yavne


"Create, Communicate, Collaborate!" (Room 603)

Laura Shashua, Rabin Junior High School, Azor



Auditorium building 5 (room 524)


Pecha Kucha


Leo Selivan, British Council


Closing remarks and assessment - Irena Tuchin,Achva College 


For more information, please contact the ETAI Student Conference Conveners:

Dr. Maureen Rajuan – Achva Academic College – [email protected]

Amanda Caplan – ETAI Representative – [email protected]