The sense of self-efficacy of aspiring principals Exploration

סוג הפרסום: ספר
פורסם ע"י: יעל פישר
שנת הוצאה: 2010
שם הספר/כתב העת: The sense of self-efficacy of aspiring principals

The sense of self-efficacy of aspiring principals Exploration in a dynamic concept 2010

The main purpose of this longitudinal study was to conceptualize the self-efficacy of aspiring principals as a dynamic concept. This study aimed to explore the structure and relations between the components of sclf-ellicacy and to determine the nature and direction of change in ihe perceived self-efficacy of aspiring prin¬cipals following a 2-year training program. The study was based on Facet Theory (Gutman, Psychmetrika 33:469-506, 1968), bul also included some traditional statis¬tics. The present study was carried oui in two stages during 2005-2007. One-hundred and fifty aspiring principals from five academic colleges and universities in Israel who participated in a 2-year training program completed the same self-efficacy question-nairc during the first month of the program (October 2005—stage 1 and during the last month of the program (May 2007—stage 2). The nature as well as the direction of the aspiring principals' perceived self-efficacy changed following the 2-year training program. The perception of the nalure of the principal's role remained unchanged.

Keywords: Professional self-efficacy, Aspiring principals, Managerial tasks, Facet Theory, SSA, Smallest Space Analysis.