Conformity and compliance as moral acts

סוג הפרסום: מאמר בכתב עת
פורסם ע"י: רוני ריינגולד , לאה ברץ וחנה אבו חצירא
שנת הוצאה: 2013
שם הספר/כתב העת: The International Journal of Education for Diversities
שם המאמר: Conformity and compliance as moral acts: The Case of Teachers in Jewish Religious State Schools in Israel
עמודים: 41-61
מספר גיליון: 2

The Israeli society is composed of a highly diverse amalgamation of different national, ethnic and religious groups that live side by side. The current study relates to the characteristics of the educational and ethical policies upheld by teachers who work in religious state schools in Israel. In particular, the study examined these teachers’ morally courageous behavior in the context of the religious state school system and their attitudes towards this concept. The findings of this study are compared with those of a previous study that analyzed the attitudes of teachers affiliated with the secular state school system towards the same behavior. A narrative analysis of interviews conducted with 14 teachers in religious state schools in Israel found that in their responses, teachers expressed a profound understanding of the concept of moral courage. Nevertheless, the teachers attributed their moral behavior (including inculcating moral values in their students) not to their moral courage, but rather to their conformity to the values and norms of the religious state school system.