“Teaching For Instruction” and a “Pedagogical Supervisor

Shosh Millet


A Lifelong Teacher: The Relationship Between “Teaching For Instruction” and a “Pedagogical Supervisor” – A Process of Becoming A Pedagogical Supervisor In memory of Rachel Shaked (Koka)

Shosh Millet

Keywords: becoming teachers, pedagogical supervisor, preparatory dialogue, feedback session, survival, effective communication A pedagogical supervisor is one of the roles one finds in teacher training centers. It is a position usually filled by an expert teacher with experience, knowledge and skills. The pedagogical supervisor intervenes in an attempt to anslate his or her experience in order to train students to be like him/herself, rather than through apprenticeship. At present, there is no special training for the role of pedagogical supervisor. Following the course of the beginning pedagogical supervisor indicates that his or her stages of professional development parallel the stages of becoming a teacher that one encounters in the professional literature. The role of the pedagogical supervisor is complex and includes practical-personal knowledge of the teacher, together with other qualitative elements such as proficiency in counseling and in guidance, reflective skills, mentoring, communication and reinforcement skills.