Opportunity gives us the feeling that everything is open

We at ‘Achva Academic College’ look tomorrow in the eyes, identify future trends and create the opportunity for you to be part of it. To be in the lead and influence. Promote and lead – both your life and that of the community around you. Achva brings to our special space a different academy. An excellent, executive, applied academy. An academy that is connected to the field and provides a response to what arises from it. At Achva we have created an academy that teaches high-quality and advanced degrees in Psychology, Education, Science and Health, Computer Science, Information Systems, and more. An academy that believes in you and your ability to achieve exactly the goals you set for yourself. We are here to encourage you towards academic excellence, to develop a meaningful career, to lead innovation everywhere in Israel and in the south in particular. We know that industry, companies and the community are waiting for you.


Your people. Your home

Achva Academic College is an active academy that operates and develops initiatives for people at large and for the community in the area in which it operates. It advocates giving back to the community and is a big believer in the members of your generation, who will know how to do it. We see you as part of a generation that has proven itself time and time again. That is an independent and motivated generation. One that aspires to integrate personal success into studies and career. A generation driven by and working for values, such as social justice, inclusion, and diversity. Young people who want to influence, lead, and move others forward.
Achva Academic College sees you, understands your needs and creates opportunities for you. It consists of a quality and applicable academia, one that identifies national and regional trends. We know that tomorrow, after graduation, your success will return home with you – to your people, and that you will have a significant role in developing your community alongside the world – through education, industry, the private and public sectors and otherwise.


Everything and everywhere

We live in a dynamic world, characterized by rapid changes. It is important that we march at its pace and at yours. When we say innovation, we mean our ability to bring winning and advanced combinations to the academic space - to establish an innovation center and a hub for entrepreneurs. We implement technological solutions from the field of computer science in our teaching methods. We create new teaching methods that open your mind in directions you never imagined and encourage creativity and flexibility of thought. At Achva, we develop up-to-date and relevant educational content, that relates and refers to the “here and now” and responds to future trends and to the social and economic challenges facing the Israeli state and society as a whole. The “new world” is already completely here - we are committed to it and to everything that it might and will bring in the future.
Hence, we invite you to walk with us towards it prepared for whatever comes your way.

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